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hijabican’s goal is to create an identity for American Muslim women trying to find suitable clothing for their wardrobe.  We are tired of only being offered staples from foreign lands.  We want today’s fashion; we want to be innovative; we want to look and feel great without compromising our deen (or losing too much of our hard earned dough!) It’s frustrating going into the mall and maybe finding one or two pieces that we can work with.  At hijabican, we welcome you to our great selection of fashion finds at affordable prices and in the latest styles.  This is the end of your fashion scavenger hunt. <3 

At hijabican, we believe a hijabi…can.  We are more than a fashion house.  We want to empower and inspire hijabis to follow their dreams.

hijabican defined

1: An American Muslim woman who wears hijab who chooses to embrace her culture without compromising her faith.  Hijab + American = Hijabican.

2: Someone who believes that the hijab doesn't oppress a woman, but in fact liberates a woman and gives her the freedom to achieve her dreams whether it's becoming an astronaut to being a full time home maker.  The hijab doesn't define her, nor limit her in her aspirations to serve God and her community.  
Because a hijabi...can.

know an inspiring hijabican?

At the end of the day, clothing is a means of serving Allah by modestly covering our bodies.  What's more important are your actions.  Are you or do you know a sister who inspires you to achieve for Allah's sake?  Share your stories with us and you can be featured on our blog.  

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